Masked Singer: The Tree

I became obsessed with the Masked Singer last season. I could not wait for season 2 to air last night! I enjoyed every second of it and started making my predictions.

I was immediately drawn to dissecting the clues for the tree in particular. I could not think of a celebrity who was only known for Christmas who fit the clues. I love Christmas and could’t figure out why no one jumped to mind.

Then I remembered last season’s misdirections and wondered: could the tree’s hints be referring to another holiday instead? What celebrity only comes out for one holiday?

Then I immediately knew: it’s Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Think about it: if Elvira were on the show, they could not state that she only comes out on Halloween. Everyone would immediately know it’s her. Well, everyone with class, that is.

Let’s look at the clues:

Watch the clue package

“I loved to get dolled up”: CHECK!

The number “30”: on the storage door

Last year marked the 30th Anniversary of her film “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” which she widely celebrated. Also note: the 30 is black and the unit is orange.

Old TV Set showing black & white footage

Note once again the TV is black & orange. Most people of my generation were introduced to Elvira with her show “Movie Macabre”, which featured B-rated horror films, often in black and white.

“I’m more than an expert in delicious treats”

Not only is Halloween known for delicious treats, Elvira also has a pop-up candy boutique. Or should we say “boooooootique?

But does she sing?

Yes! When I met Elvira at a con, she was selling autographed vinyl and spoke to me a bit about her collaboration with the B52’s Fred Schneider.

She also raps

Me with the amazingly gorgeous Cassandra Peterson

One last observation: she was offended when the judges suggested she was “old”. Elvira painstakingly keeps up a youthful appearance. When my husband took this photo of us, she insisted to look at the photo because she didn’t want to “look like my own grandmother”.

So what do you think? Could the tree be Elvira? We can only wait and see as the clue packages continue. Even if I’m wrong, I hope you’ve gained a new appreciation of the many talents of Cassandra Peterson!

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  1. coolmango17 says:

    I love all the clues that you’ve pieced together!! I’m right onboard the Cassandra Peterson train as well. The clues just fit so beautifully – there’s a few that I garnered from the package as well.

    She was a showgirl & had a role in “Diamonds are Forever” – look at those shoes and how much the clip package seems to sparkle (almost diamond like)

    The move that the tree is performing in the black and white set seems to be VERY similar to a famous move by a Mr. Elvis Presley (who she dated!)

    And lastly, if not the best clue hiding in plain sight – the tree has a beauty spot in a very similar placing to Elvira!

    I can’t wait to see her unmasked coz I’m 100% certain we’re right!


    1. craftergeek says:

      Yes!! Excellent sleuthing! I missed some of that!


  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    YES!!! I immediately thought that it was her!! Body language and flirty behavior? A thousand times yes!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. craftergeek says:

      I know! The way she threw her arms up! And jiggled of course!


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