The Con Is On

Ahhhhhh I’m so excited for Dragoncon 2021! I’m making 2-3 new cosplays, including an attempt at making a largely sustainable costume.

Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

I’ve just finished weaving fabric for a slitted wrap. I found a GORGEOUS skein of Lana Grossa Shades of Cotton cottolin yarn I had picked up on sale which I used as warp. It changes red-orange-brown. I used Brassard Brun Chocolate organic cottolin as weft.

First of 3 woven pieces

Shades of Cotton is an untwisted 4-ply yarn. Traditonal warping was tricky. For the second and third pieces I warped the holes and slots individually. There was no snagging at all using this method.

All 3 pieces

I just finished the third piece today. I used an interlocking stitch on my sewing machine to seal the ends. The pieces are washing in mild detergent to soften them up a bit. With linen I usually steam them straight out of the wash. I’ll see how effective it is with these blends. If they are going to shrink, let them shrink BEFORE sewing your project!

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