Why Recycled Silk?

I really love both weaving and knitting with recycled silk yarn! It feels soft, lightweight and luxurious! The finished products always look so beautiful! One of the reasons I launched Crafter Geek’s retail shop was to encourage other fiber artists to try more eco-friendly alternatives to acrylic and superwash wool. Experimenting with different fibers is fun and rewarding!

Recycled silk sparkle lace weight yarn

Let’s take a look at how silk is produced: generally cocoons are harvested from mulberry leaves then boiled . WITH THE WORMS STILL INSIDE. An estimated billions if not trillions of silkworms die annually. On top of that, tons of silk waste was being discarded into landfills.

I really love the idea of taking that waste and turning it into something beautiful and useful. I started using Darn Good Yarn’s recycled silk ribbon as weft in my weavings. I was hooked!

Darn Good Yarn manufactures their yarn in co-ops in India which provide fair trade wages and safe working environments. I feel better knowing my work doesn’t come at the cost of human suffering.

I hope you decide to try recycled silk yarn! You won’t be disappointed!

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