Jack O’ Lanterns Are Back!

Jack O’Lanterns hand carved by Crafter Husband are back on Etsy! We sold out last year so don’t wait! Each pumpkin is hand-carved and unique! Can be used indoor and out! They will last for years with proper use and storage! Every pumpkin comes with a battery-operated flickering tea light with easy access to change…

Binging During Coronavirus

Looks like we’re all going to be staying at home a lot over the next several weeks with school and event cancellations. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite TV shows available on streaming services to help keep you occupied. His Dark Materials (HBO/Hulu) His Dark Materials stars Baby Wolverine (Dafne Keen) as…

DIY: Trolls Favor Jars

Supplies: 4 ounce mini-jars Purchased at Publix or buy them on Amazon Assorted  Faux Fur Swatches Shannon Gorilla Fur (3″ pile) buy at Fabric.com Assorted 3/8″ ribbon Optional embellishments:

Working With Edible Images

When people hear the term “edible image sheet” they think of their kid’s baseball team on a sheet cake surrounded by buttercream roses from a grocery store. While this is a great use of edible images, you can get really creative with them and up your home-baked goods game! Watch how to apply edible images…

Beelzebub Cosplay

I have started work on my Beelzebub costume for Dragon Con 2019. I thought I’d post my progress for fun & to collaborate with anyone else making this fabulous costume!

Dark Phoenix: Comic Fan Review

In light of the bad reviews the new Dark Phoenix movie is receiving, I thought I’d write my quick first impressions as a fan of both X-Men comics and movies. The main thing to know going in is that Dark Phoenix is a much darker, grittier film than its predecessors First Class, Days of Future…

Geekly Countdown: Best Perfume Bottles

If you’ve ever tried on perfume in a store, then you know your nose has a limit to how many scents you can sniff at a time. Unless you’re some kind of nerd who researches notes and reviews beforehand (who, me?) then your brain is going to start with the most appealing bottles.

Holiday Decorating Hack

If you keep up with my articles, then you know my house is where plants go to die. I have been looking at the beautiful mums my dad bought for me slowly die for weeks now. As it turns out, plants like to be watered. Who knew? I saw a lovely photo on Pinterest with…

Gifts for Food Geeks

We all have that epicurean in our lives who appreciates an amazing food-related gift. But what if you don’t know anything about food? What if you’re not sure what they like? What if their drawers are full of gadgets they’ve never touched?

Geekly Countdown: Fabric Crafts

Last week I counted down my picks for top geeky fabrics. So what now? Do not despair: I’ve got you covered for fabric craft ideas to make for that special geek in your life. I chose projects which are unisex and suitable for all ages. You can find more projects on my Pinterest board. 10….

Geekly Countdown: Geeky fabrics

Halloween is over, and though most Americans are complaining “Christmas ALREADY?”, those of us who like to make gifts are panicking “Christmas ALREADY?” You may be perusing this article for a yourself or a geeky friend. With geek culture at the peak of popularity right now, we are inundated with fabrics such as Star Trek and…

Cosplay Vounteers of Atlanta

We create magic for the kids we volunteer for. And that’s an incredible feeling, to be the source of that magic. Of that joy. Especially for those kids who really need a little extra magic in their lives