Fun With Natural Earth Paints!

So what’s up with these powdered pigments?

Natural Earth Paint pigments can be used for a wide range of artistic applications!

Mix with water to create tempera, watercolor, or finger paint: As a guideline, I use a 50/50 pigment to water ratio for water color. For tempera or poster paint, add small amounts of water to the pigment until you reach your desired thickness. Pigments are non-toxic, so play around with the kids as finger paint!

Mix with plant-based acrylic medium to create fine art quality acrylics! I love the control I have mixing my own opaqueness and colors with this method!

Mix with walnut oil to create fine art quality oil paint! Add eco-solve as a planet-friendly paint thinner and brush cleaner!

Mix with gum arabic to create professional-quality ink, water color and gouache!

Archive your creations with the World’s Only Eco Varnish!

Once mixed, store paint in the refrigerator up to two weeks.

Feeling bold?

Experiment adding Earth Pigments to all your handmade projects, including modeling clay, paper, dye projects…artist Elisa Wagner even made her own encaustic paint!

Earth Retrograde

Elisa Wagner

Encaustic Earth Pigment Paint

Why I partnered with Natural Earth Paint:

We’re proud to be a growing green business, expanding from offering our children’s paint kit and oil paint kit to a whole range of natural fine arts supplies, face paints, and children’s art supplies. True to our eco-friendly roots, Natural Earth Paint continues to be committed to eco-friendly products and practices, reflected by our prestigious Gold certification from Green America, the highest rank for a green business. We use locally-made, 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags, recyclable glass and aluminum bottles, and compostable pouches for our packaging and operate out of a 100% solar-powered facility that serves as a community bubble wrap drop-off site. And, we give back to organizations and causes that protect Mother Earth.

Natural Earth Paint


Ana Markosi

Earth Pigment Watercolor

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