Ghostbusters Holtzmann Cosplay: The Essentials

98% of females (and some men) who saw Ghostbusters this weekend have already dreamed of making themselves a costume, and 98% of those 98% want to be Dr. Jillian Holtzmann.


Seasoned cosplayers are already scheming strategies; but for the novice costumer, I’ve got ya with my suggestions for key pieces for any Holtzmann costume.


  1. Wardrobe: you have several choices on your main wardrobe piece. Casual, uniform, or even cosplaying as Holtzmann in cosplay (someone please do this).

Uniform: Lucky for us, China is ahead of the curve as usual. There are several sites advertising the 2016 grey & orange jumpsuit version already, starting from around $80. Head’s up: clothing from China normally runs smaller than US sizes and can take a month or more to ship. Alternatives: get a grey jumpsuit instead and if you’re crafty, add the orange stripes to it as well.

Casual: you can do anything quirky from leather jackets to paint splattered overalls and get away with it when worn in conjunction with the other essential pieces listed below.

2. Necklace

Melissa McCarthy;Kristen Wiig;Kate McKinnon

I would be stunned if Holtzmann’s Screw U (yes, that’s what it is) necklace doesn’t pop up on Etsy by the end of the week. Meanwhile, you can get a “U” initial necklace and glue a screw over it.

3. Goggles


Clearly any Holtzmann costume requires goggles. You can go with super cheap yellow goggles, silver goggles  or make it your own with a unique pair

The word “goggles” sounds super weird after the 5th time you say it.

4. Fingerless gloves


Holtzmann wears black, brown and red fingerless gloves in various scenes. Although not in every scene, they are relatively cheap and it’s the type of detail that makes a costume.

5. Gadget

Holtzmann is always tinkering so any type of gadget from the traditional proton pack to lab equipment would make a stellar addition to your costume.

TIP: some props can also double as a place to stash your stuff like phone, ID, money, etc! 

Hopefully I got you on your way to creating an epic costume! Oh, and don’t forget the Pringles!!!


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