Fun With Natural Earth Paints!

So what’s up with these powdered pigments? Natural Earth Paint pigments can be used for a wide range of artistic applications! Mix with water to create tempera, watercolor, or finger paint: As a guideline, I use a 50/50 pigment to water ratio for water color. For tempera or poster paint, add small amounts of water…

Why Recycled Silk?

I really love both weaving and knitting with recycled silk yarn! It feels soft, lightweight and luxurious! The finished products always look so beautiful! One of the reasons I launched Crafter Geek’s retail shop was to encourage other fiber artists to try more eco-friendly alternatives to acrylic and superwash wool. Experimenting with different fibers is…

Selling “Perfect”

Crafter Geek has been an official business for about a month now. I have a pretty clear idea of what I would like to do: Start by stocking environmentally-friendly arts & crafts supplies Make my own beginner kits from these supplies Include an option for make-a-long video tutorials for each kit I have such passion…

Jack O’ Lanterns Are Back!

Jack O’Lanterns hand carved by Crafter Husband are back on Etsy! We sold out last year so don’t wait! Each pumpkin is hand-carved and unique! Can be used indoor and out! They will last for years with proper use and storage! Every pumpkin comes with a battery-operated flickering tea light with easy access to change…

DIY: Trolls Favor Jars

Supplies: 4 ounce mini-jars Purchased at Publix or buy them on Amazon Assorted  Faux Fur Swatches Shannon Gorilla Fur (3″ pile) buy at Assorted 3/8″ ribbon Optional embellishments:

Harry Potter Party

I really wanted to set the scene for when guests arrived. We made “Keep Out: Forbidden Forest” signs for the trees across from Maria’s house. My husband has these great crows for Halloween we put around her yard. The front door had a “no brooms allowed” sign, with brooms parked outside & a stack of newly delivered Daily Prophets!

Holiday Decorating Hack

If you keep up with my articles, then you know my house is where plants go to die. I have been looking at the beautiful mums my dad bought for me slowly die for weeks now. As it turns out, plants like to be watered. Who knew? I saw a lovely photo on Pinterest with…

Geekly Countdown: Fabric Crafts

Last week I counted down my picks for top geeky fabrics. So what now? Do not despair: I’ve got you covered for fabric craft ideas to make for that special geek in your life. I chose projects which are unisex and suitable for all ages. You can find more projects on my Pinterest board. 10….

Piranha Plants Never say “die”

Succulents are the Steven Seagals of the plant world: they are Hard to Kill. Even with my penchant to suck the life out of all plants within my realm, the piranha plants I made for my daughters’ birthday are thriving. In personal news, Happy 14th Anniversary to Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni. I made this cake…

Mario Bros Party

I set out to make an amazing-as-I could Mario Bros. themed party for my daughters.