Geekly Countdown: Fabric Crafts

Last week I counted down my picks for top geeky fabrics. So what now? Do not despair: I’ve got you covered for fabric craft ideas to make for that special geek in your life.

I chose projects which are unisex and suitable for all ages. You can find more projects on my Pinterest board.

10. Passport and boarding pass bag. 


This is such a great idea to help traveling geeks keep organized through airport security lines! As a bonus, the pattern from Vogue also includes laptop bags, shoulder bag, journal cover and eyeglass case. Your favourite geek sure will look nifty at the airport with all of that!

9. Wreaths-not just for the holidays!


I adore this foam ball wreath tutorial from Vanilla Joy! I would LOVE to see someone make this with some of the space fabrics found on my fabric board on Pinterest! A little too daunting for you? That’s okay…I have several other wreath tutorials for you!

8. Pouches


There are all sorts of tutorials for pouches, change purses and tablet covers. All make great, useful gifts! Pictures is the adorable 3-ring binder pouch by Sew Mama Sew.

7. Bean bag chairs, mini-chairs and poufs


Most geeks would go out of their mind if they received a bean bag chair in, say, circuit board fabric! The pictured giant bean bag chair tutorial is from So Much to Make. You can find more poufs and chairs on my Pinterest board.

6. Cool ties: neck-cooling ties


Cool ties use water-absorbent crystals like Watersorb to keep you cool. This is a must-have for your con-going geeks!!

The beautiful pictured tie is from Sew Woodsy.

5. Bowties or hair bows.


All in unison: “bowties are cool!”

Okay now that that’s out of our systems, bows make great bowties, hair bows, embellishments on other projects such as bags, and would add a great touch to a wrapped present, especially if you make it wearable!

There are several bow tutorials you can find to suit your project. The pictured ties are from Poofy Cheek’s tutorial, because, well, her name is “Poofy Cheeks”.

4. Clocks


I love the clock tutorials I found, because no one hears “fabric project” and thinks “CLOCKS!” They are unique and practical. I particularly like the effectiveness of the Hexy Clocks by Sew Fearless. She features different ways to arrange the fabric hexagons which are outstanding.

3. Tote bags


Obviously tote bags have many uses making them an ideal gift for everyone. Their are tutorials for all shapes, sizes and use: from practical to ruffles you can find a tote bag perfect for your geek!

Sew4Home’s beginner-friendly tutorial (pictured) shows exactly what a great fabric pattern can do for your project!

2. Pillows


Pillows are a great and practical gift for anyone: men, women, kids, couples….and so easy to make as simple or elaborate as you’d like! From simple removable covers to hidden zippers and embellishments, pillow are a great craft for any skill level.

  1. Aprons

Aprons are a perfect gift for most anyone: cooking, grilling and utility aprons are used by everyone, even the kids who want to help! Hostess aprons will be adored by your throwback-loving cutsy friend! These vintage patterns are adorable!

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