Geekly Countdown: Best Marvel Villains

This week’s Geekly Countdown was inspired by the release of Captain America Civil War in theaters and the movie I’ve been waiting for: X-Men Apocalypse.


10.  Apocalypse: This is not so much for the actual villain Apocalypse but for the AMAZING story line developed around his character. It’s everything every X-Men fan has wanted to see and I hope they do it justice.


9. Purple Man: Thanks Stan Lee and Joe Orlando for this nightmare. Frankly I had difficulty ranking him at 9 as a madman who can control your every thought and action is one of the most deeply disconcerting horrors I can think of. He just doesn’t look that scary, which is a big part of comic success.


8. Mysterio: For reasons I cannot explain, this dude scared the holy craptastic bejeezus out of me as a child. I was also really into magic at the time. You may argue this choice but this is my countdown.



7. Galactus: “Hi I’m Galactus and I’m going to eat your planet for breakfast.” I’ve gotta find this guy’s wardrobe designer. We were crazy deprived of seeing this in Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer. Someone sat in a meeting and said “Hey! Wouldn’t it be great if we based a movie around one the best ever villains with the flyest costume and NOT SHOW HIM?” And everyone agreed this was a good idea.


6. Electro: That laugh. That wonderful, psychotic, unnerving laugh. He ranks high on this list partly due to my fear of electrocution & partly due to how amazing he comes across in the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios. I vote we remake the “Spider Man and the Sinister Three” movie with Jamie Fox looking like this. They failed. His face would be amazing for this.

5 & 4: Doc Ock and the Green Goblin: I don’t want to choose and you can’t make me. I spent my informative years glued to Spider-Man cartoons. I was most disappointed that they did not have Spider-Man or Firestar underoos for girls. I loved these shows & I loved the villains.


3. Magneto: The character of Magneto is brilliant on so many levels. He’s cool, his costume is cool, his powers are cool. He is conflicted; he is evil; he is 100% committed to his agenda. Don’t we all have a little Magneto in us?

doctor-doom 2. Doctor Doom: Doctor Doom is the ultimate villain because he is everything a villain should be. He looks scary, he is scary, he’s smart & calculating. When I set out to make my Doctor Doom costume, people kept saying “oh, Lady Doom” or “female Doctor Doom”. No, I just want to be Doctor Doom.


  1. Thanos: Yoiks. Look at that face. He’s not what I think of as a classic villain, but Thanos rules the Marvel Universe and everyone in it are merely his puppets. If you don’t mind spoilers, google “Infinity Gauntlet” and you’ll realize that Thanos truly connects it all.


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