Geekly Countdown: Stormtrooper Crossovers

Happy Star Wars Day! I love Star Wars. I love costumes. Here are some of my favorite wonderful, creative and wacky Stormtrooper crossovers.

Note: if you are going to be a stickler about it, yes I’m aware some of these are more Mandalorian/Boba Fett inspired. Lighten up & have some fun.

Many of these images are viral making it difficult to pin down the cosplayer and photographer for credit. Please contact me if you see your image so I can give you proper credit.

10. Hello Stormtrooper! It’s pink and has cat ears. Therefore, I love it.


9. Spider trooper: I had no idea the Death Star had radioactive spiders, but I am so glad it did.


8. #TeamStormtrooper: so perfect and visually striking. I’m fangirling a bit over here


7. Captain Pawsma:  cat-cosplay brings pet costuming to an entirely new level. Not only are they cute, they are well-made. 

If you don’t like cats, get off the internet.


6. Hip Hop Trooper: Hip Hop Trooper is one of the original crossovers before Stormtrooper Crossovers were cool. Wait, are they cool? To me they are. He is a treasured Dragon Con icon!

Be sure to check out debshots to view their amazing cosplay photos!


5. Stormpool? Deadtrooper?: doesn’t matter, there are many great Deadpool Stormtroopers. I picked this one as I love how he solved the helmet/mask issue. Assuming this is a he. There’s no telling what lurks beneath.


4. Three Musketeers: Just…wow. From idea to execution (pun intended) this is brilliant.


3. I’ve no idea what I’m looking at but I’m completely obsessed with it. Is it the Easter Bunny? Is it Donnie Darko? Bugs maybe? Anime? I love love love when people add clever props to their costumes so the Death Star egg seals this for me.


2. Muppet Troopers: there is a Facebook site just for Muppet Troopers. The work that goes into these costumes seems staggering.


  1. Carbon Fiber Troopers: Amazing and beautiful. I love Star Wars nerds. These must be fantastic in person. I’ve nothing to say….Carbon Fiber Gear‘s article says it all. 8-carbon-fiber-stormtroopers-500x333


I leave you with this one last image as XenoTroopers is apparently a thing. I could not find anyone who’s built this costume. Maybe it’s up to me. It has to happen.


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