Geekly Countdown: TV & Movie cars

Many of you will happen upon this page, scan it, and become outraged. I’m saying this once: it would be an incredible insult to refer to Optimus Prime as a “car”.

10. Mutt Cutts-Dumb and Dumber


This is just so dumb it’s dumb. And Dumber.

9. Christine-Christine


If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m going to do is buy a red Plymouth Fury. Ok,maybe the third after leaving social media & buying a house outside of Paris. But definitely the third thing. World hunger can wait.

I guess there’s nothing special about Christine aside from the fact that she murders people. But isn’t that enough? Christine boasts the highest number of kills in this countdown.

8. Munster Koach & Dragula-The Munsters


The Munster Coach really has this one, but it would be so very wrong to not include Dragula.

7. Mach 5-Speed Racer


Seriously, everyone’s pants should match their car. Everyone.

6. Wacky Racers-Wacky Races


How is this not a thing at the Dragon Con parade? Don’t even make me pick one. This show was epic.

5. Deathmobile-Animal House


It’s a cake, then it’s a car. I rest my case.

Cake I made for mu husband’s birthday 

4. Mystery Machine-Scooby Doo


I guess I like a lot of 80’d cartoon cars. Doesn’t everyone really?

3. DeLorean-Back to the Future


One could have a valid argument that the DeLoren Time Machine deserves top spot. It is certainly the best choice when running from the Syrians.

2. Batmobile-every incarnation of Batman

Original Batmobile from the 1966 Adam West TV Series
The original #1 1966 Batmobile created by renowned customizer George Barris

Every time Batman is revamped, the design of the new Batmobile is just as important, if not more so, as the new costume. Nothing will topple my love for the Batmobile driven by Adam West.

What about the other Batmobiles, you ask? Popular Mechanics ranked them all

  1. Ecto-1: Ghostbusters


Anyone who knows me shouldn’t be shocked by this choice. Anyone who doesn’t know me shouldn’t be shocked by this choice.

The Ecto-1 has everything a great movie car should: it’s distinctive, easily recognizable, lights and sounds everywhere, and it’s a Cadillac. Apparently it also broke down on the Brooklyn Bridge. Read about this fun fact and others in Yahoo’s 5 facts You Didn’t Know about the Ecto-1.

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