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Atlanta-area geeks were treated to Georgia’s first Thinkgeek brick-and-mortar store opening on September 23rd, 2016 in the Mall of Georgia in Buford. I summoned some geek girls for a road trip to the new location yesterday. Here are the pictures and impressions I had! 


Photo credits: Angela Summers and Gina Gareau-Clark

The store begins & ends with their epic Pop! Funko wall. I have a Pop! Funko motto that if I buy one, I’ll end up with 500 and that’s a road I don’t want to go down. However, I’ve been given 2 by friends and I cherish them. It doesn’t count if someone else buys them, right?

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I was most looking forward to an actual storefront as opposed to online shopping for the things I really want to see and touch before buying. Clothing would be on the top of most people’s list because nothing beats being able to try on clothing before purchasing. Returns are a pain plus you end up paying for shipping twice to return an item. Sadly, I was quite disappointed as the only clothing in the store were unisex t-shirts, a less-than-impressive display of hoodies, and one rack of  women’s-cut shirts* with not many choices. I was really hoping to be able to see and touch some of the Her Universe line, especially as there have been some rumors of inconsistent sizing in the line. Hot Topic does have some Her Universe in their stores. Our local store is always has slim pickings left, further proving there is a demand for the product.

Bad Guys Heart Dress by Her Universe

I did, however, get to hug this Rocket Raccoon backpack that clearly had to come home with me.


Now that I’m done with the negatives, let’s look at the fun stuff!

The store’s displays were very cool and very organized. I went into visual overdrive and ended up walking the store twice! The staff were amazing, cool and knew their stuff. It had the air of a cool place to hang out. At one point I saw an employee having a lightsaber duel with a customer. Yep, the geek mothership has landed!

TIP: You can add your store purchases to your GeekPoints! Instructions are on the bottom of your receipt

IMO it is worth the trip if you are lucky enough to have a store nearby. Visit the website to see where they are & where they’re headed! Touch, play, have fun, and don’t stress about shipping costs!


*It is beyond me why it is so difficult to find women’s-cut shirts. No one ever has them at Dragoncon. Girls want them as unisex shirts hide any figure we have making us look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. If ONE vendor carries them next year, you will make a fortune.

Not a good look

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  1. Trey Cocus says:

    Thank you so much for the review. Trust us when we say we want more women’s cuts too! We are working on it with our merchants.
    We appreciate your feedback: both the good and needs improvement. This means a lot to us. We hope to see you again soon!

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