Geekly Countdown: Geeky fabrics

Halloween is over, and though most Americans are complaining “Christmas ALREADY?”, those of us who like to make gifts are panicking “Christmas ALREADY?”

You may be perusing this article for a yourself or a geeky friend. With geek culture at the peak of popularity right now, we are inundated with fabrics such as Star Trek and Doctor Who, easily found through Google. Here you will find fabrics outside of pop culture perfect for something more unique for your holiday gifts!

I have compiled a Pinterest board of over 100 geeky fabrics. Here are my top 10 favourites. My goal was to find fabrics readily in stock; therefore, I skipped sites like Etsy, Ebay and Spoonflower. However, since searching for fabrics for the Pinterest board and writing this, some are currently out of stock.

10. Zombies


9.  Mahjong Tiles


8.  Green Flames 


This fabric is called “Harley Hot Rod”, but I see magic potions and dragon flames.

7. Retro Rocket Rascals


For geek kids or kids at heart. I adore Michael Miller fabrics!

6. Binary Code


5. Spaced Out


Go ahead, squee. You’re among friends here.

4. Periodic Table


3. Science Fair Formulas


2. Circuit Boards

  1. Constellations

There are many many many space themed fabrics. It was hard to choose. This one is not only visually striking, but it glows in the dark. We have a winner!

Thank you to my trusted circle of geeks for their opinions on this. I hope this inspires your creations. Be sure to check out my Pinterest board for more great geeky fabrics!

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