Beelzebub Cosplay

Finished Beelzebub Cosplay! It KILLS me not to smile!!!


Good Omens Beelzebub Costume Progress!

Beelzebub, Good Omens
Beelzebub Cosplay WIP

I have started work on my Beelzebub costume for Dragon Con 2019. I thought I’d post my progress for fun & to collaborate with anyone else making this fabulous costume!


I have already finished the headpiece (sans antennae). It was SO MUCH FUN to make!

Fly hat pinned in pieces to wig

The antennae are currently being soldered together. The fly body was made from gorilla fur from I had leftover from my beloved niffler. I trimmed the fur around the head once the eyes were sewn in but kept his hairy little body long.

Fly composed of gorilla fur, shiny metallic spandex, pipe cleaners and wings

There are thousands of excellent wing tutorials on the interwebs, so I will not post here.

I had the black wig already-it is just a super-cheap short black wig off of Amazon.

Beelzebub still from Good Omens now on Amazon not Netflix

I’ve just begun work on the medal and ribbons. To replicate the ribbons I stacked three ribbons together and sewed them together. I made them 14″ long so I have plenty of wiggle room to cut them to appropriate length once the medal part is complete.

I used 1.5″ red and teal for the bottom, then 5/8″ silver with 3/8″ black grograin ribbon. I have 7/8″ for the solid black ties on top.

I have some cheap medallions and crown pins on their way as well as square wire to complete the medals and pins. I will update when I find what works out for me.

Beelzebub Cosplay: Costume

The cheap crown pins from Wish came and they are fairly effective! I sewed the sash out of crushed velvet backed with satin. It’s fabulous! I’m going to add some big-ass tassels to the bottom.

I’m still working on the antennae and metal piece that holds the ribbons. I’m pleased with the progress. This has been a blast to make!


Beelzebub ribbon holder

I designed the metal piece in Illustrator then sent it to my sparkly new Cricut Maker. I cut it in Cricut brand basswood with the knife blade, but the basswood couldn’t handle the small, intricate shape and broke apart. The Maker will cut thicker wood, but I didn’t want to invest any more money. I salvaged it by cutting two pieces of original Worbla then attaching it to either side creating a somewhat stable piece. I will update again when the piece is painted and assembled.

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