Working With Edible Images

When people hear the term “edible image sheet” they think of their kid’s baseball team on a sheet cake surrounded by buttercream roses from a grocery store. While this is a great use of edible images, you can get really creative with them and up your home-baked goods game!

Watch how to apply edible images

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Custom Horse and Trumpet Cookies

Here are some of my favourite cakes from my business Twin Tiers Cakery featuring edible images.

Comic Books

Superhero Cake

These cakes are the main reason I invested in an edible image printer. There are some things that just don’t translate as well when hand-made. I arranged comic strip images for the comic strip tiers in Publisher. Wonder Woman, Cap and his shield are printed images “glued” onto gumpaste with royal icing. The rest is fondant.

Superman Cake

Doctor Who

Doctor Who TARDIS Cake

When your friend’s 8 year old daughter says she wants a cake with the 10th Doctor, Cyberman and Dalek on it, you make it happen. I made the latter two out of gumpaste, but I felt sculpting David 10nant wouldn’t translate as well. So I designed the edible image with a PNG of 10 over the inside of the TARDIS.

Harry Potter Marauders Map

Harry Potter Cake

I love that this cake is the perfect of balance of printed image and hand-made decorations. The entire bottom tier uses edible images of the Marauder’s Map; the Sorting Hat was made from a ridikulus amount of modelling chocolate I hand-sculpted into shape; the books were rolled and cut fondant with hand-written edible marker and gold edible paint.

Vintage Santa

Vintage Santa Cake

This beautiful Christmas Cake was a traditional spice cake covered in marzipan. I adhered the image of Santa to the marzipan with a thin layer of royal icing. I dusted the marzipan with edible gold luster dust and cut the holly with a fondant cutter which can be found online or in craft stores.


Logo Cookies

It took me longer than I care to admit to realize I could make cookies with my logo on them. This also opened up an entire new world for my business as I can ship cookies! I now take orders for cookies for birth announcements, wedding favours, or any other special occasion!

Birth Announcement Cookie

I have also branched into selling custom edible images for your own home-baked cookies or cupcakes! Visit my Etsy shop if interested in ordering.

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Cake

I adore how this cake turned out! The scales were time-consuming but looked fabulous with the image! The “sand” was made from crushed graham crackers, and is a fantastic way for a home baker without piping experience to hide the edges of a cake!

Atlanta United

Atlanta United Cake

This is a great example of something a home baker can do with the right tools! The client wanted cream cheese icing, and real cream cheese icing isn’t ideal for decorating. The edible image was the perfect solution to adding design without clashing with the icing flavour. .

League of Legends

League of Legends Cake

This is the only cake I’ve made covered in all edible images. I think it’s hilarious in a good way. I wrapped the images around the outsides, folded down the tops, then added the logo to the top of the cake. The graphics of this game were so fantastic it just had to be done this way!

I hope this article inspired you to play around with edible images! Do try this at home & let me know how it goes!

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