Fun With Natural Earth Paints!

So what’s up with these powdered pigments? Natural Earth Paint pigments can be used for a wide range of artistic applications! Mix with water to create tempera, watercolor, or finger paint: As a guideline, I use a 50/50 pigment to water ratio for water color. For tempera or poster paint, add small amounts of water…

Selling “Perfect”

Crafter Geek has been an official business for about a month now. I have a pretty clear idea of what I would like to do: Start by stocking environmentally-friendly arts & crafts supplies Make my own beginner kits from these supplies Include an option for make-a-long video tutorials for each kit I have such passion…

Jack O’ Lanterns Are Back!

Jack O’Lanterns hand carved by Crafter Husband are back on Etsy! We sold out last year so don’t wait! Each pumpkin is hand-carved and unique! Can be used indoor and out! They will last for years with proper use and storage! Every pumpkin comes with a battery-operated flickering tea light with easy access to change…

DIY: Trolls Favor Jars

Supplies: 4 ounce mini-jars Purchased at Publix or buy them on Amazon Assorted  Faux Fur Swatches Shannon Gorilla Fur (3″ pile) buy at Assorted 3/8″ ribbon Optional embellishments:

Working With Edible Images

When people hear the term “edible image sheet” they think of their kid’s baseball team on a sheet cake surrounded by buttercream roses from a grocery store. While this is a great use of edible images, you can get really creative with them and up your home-baked goods game! Watch how to apply edible images…

Holiday Decorating Hack

If you keep up with my articles, then you know my house is where plants go to die. I have been looking at the beautiful mums my dad bought for me slowly die for weeks now. As it turns out, plants like to be watered. Who knew? I saw a lovely photo on Pinterest with…

Gifts for Food Geeks

We all have that epicurean in our lives who appreciates an amazing food-related gift. But what if you don’t know anything about food? What if you’re not sure what they like? What if their drawers are full of gadgets they’ve never touched?

Geekly Countdown: Fabric Crafts

Last week I counted down my picks for top geeky fabrics. So what now? Do not despair: I’ve got you covered for fabric craft ideas to make for that special geek in your life. I chose projects which are unisex and suitable for all ages. You can find more projects on my Pinterest board. 10….

Cosplay Vounteers of Atlanta

We create magic for the kids we volunteer for. And that’s an incredible feeling, to be the source of that magic. Of that joy. Especially for those kids who really need a little extra magic in their lives

Thinkgeek Store Review

Atlanta-area geeks were treated to Georgia’s first Thinkgeek brick-and-mortar store opening on September 23rd, 2016 in the Mall of Georgia in Buford. I summoned some geek girls for a road trip to the new location yesterday. Here are the pictures and impressions I had!  Photo credits: Angela Summers and Gina Gareau-Clark The store begins & ends with their…

Revenge of the Nerds & Sexual Degradation

Revenge of the Nerds is a light-hearted nerds-turned-heroes movie beloved by many underdogs of the 1980s. While it has many iconic and hilarious scenes, it has its issues: the cringe-worthy racial stereotypes present in so many movies of the decade, an unfair depiction of fraternity life, the fact that Anthony Edwards is supposed to be unattractive,…

Kiki’s Radio Tutorial

I was pretty excited when my niece told me she wanted to go to Momocon as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service! I was most intrigued by the radio. We included a velcro flap to add her iPod into so it would really play music too!