This week GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) registration begun much to the excitement of nerds everywhere.

The competition, which is a creation of actor and activist Misha Collins of Supernatural fame, challenges its competitors through a wacky list of items to accomplish. Items range from philanthropy (donating items to shelters), to soul-searching (thanking a mentor from your past), to what the heck were the judges thinking (playing croquet on a public lawn….dressed as zombies).

Here are some of our team’s highlights from last year:


Recreating Picasso’s Guernica: thousands of thanks to my creative friends and family for posing on the steps of the local art museum. This was the most fun I’ve had, well, ever.


Taking a family member out to dinner dressed as Superheroes. My Mom was not only willing, she was excited. She put together her costume by herself. Apple=tree.


Donating school supplies: I collected items from friends and family and dropped them off at the local collection site.


Tweeting a photo of a same-sex couple to Rick Santorum. This was the first item I did & did it immediately. I was very proud to support this cause as well as bring attention to the amazing work my friend Rick does as the founder of Lost & Found Youth.

I also made a video campaign of my bid for presidency (dressed as the Scarlet Witch) and Hagia Sofia made of sugar cubes.

I am quite excited to see what general mayhem the judges have in store for GISHERS this year!

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