Geekly Countdown: 10 Best Scenes From Alien

Today, April 26th is Alien Day. It’s a thing. Therefore this week’s geekly countdown highlights the best moments from the Alien movie franchise. This post contains spoilers from the Alien movie franchise. If you have not seen all these films, you may want to back away slowly. 10. Jones screaming at Alien. Who knew an…

Mary Poppins

Becoming Mary Poppins to volunteer at the children’s hospital was a dream come true.

Honey Lemon’s Purse

I made Honey Lemon’s purse for my niece a couple of months ago. Unfortunately,┬ámy phone had a hardware failure resulting in losing all of my progress photos. I will try my best to comment on how I made it in hopes it will help anyone else ready to tackle making a chemistry bag! I studied…

Mario Bros Party

I set out to make an amazing-as-I could Mario Bros. themed party for my daughters.