Geekly Countdown: Female-led Geek Movies

Female lead aside, Alien will land into the top spot on most everyone’s best scifi film list, if not all-time best films list. Ripley is an amazing character made completely believable by the incomparable Weaver.

Cosplay Toolbox: Adhesives

Adhesives are often hit-or-miss when trying to affix cosplay materials together. I personally went through 5 different products before successfully adhering rubber teeth to my xenomorph head!

Geekly Countdown: Under The Radar Films

We all have those movies we accidentally stumbled upon which changed our lives but no one else has seen. You may have been in a video store, a film class, flipping channels, when a hidden cinematic gem stopped you in your tracks.

Geekly Countdown: Nerdy Beastie Boys Lyrics

From 1986 to 2011, the band went from rapping about girls doing their laundry to rapping about Star Trek. Here are the best nerdy Beastie Boys lyrics from over 2 decades of amazing music

Toasted Coconut Marshmallow Recipe

Marshmallows are a fantastic treat for breaking the rut of traditional baked goods. Once you learn how to make basic marshmallows, you can experiment with different flavors, food coloring, shapes and coatings. Marshmallows are also an easy and tasty way to accommodate many food allergies, as they have no milk or wheat, and can be coated…

Doctor Strange: Another Origin Movie?

My first impression of the trailer for Doctor Strange was “wow, this looks just like Batman Begins”. Cue the murdered parents! By then I was already excited by the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch, an amazing actor who can do the part justice. Ditto on Tilda Swinton so I’ve no arguments there either. The issue may…

Geekly Countdown: Best Marvel Villains

This week’s Geekly Countdown was inspired by the release of Captain America Civil War in theaters and the movie I’ve been waiting for: X-Men Apocalypse. 10.  Apocalypse: This is not so much for the actual villain Apocalypse but for the AMAZING story line developed around his character. It’s everything every X-Men fan has wanted to see…

Geekly Countdown: Stormtrooper Crossovers

Happy Star Wars Day! I love Star Wars. I love costumes. Here are some of my favorite wonderful, creative and wacky Stormtrooper crossovers. Note: if you are going to be a stickler about it, yes I’m aware some of these are more Mandalorian/Boba Fett inspired. Lighten up & have some fun. Many of these images…


This week GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) registration begun much to the excitement of nerds everywhere. The competition, which is a creation of actor and activist Misha Collins of Supernatural fame, challenges its competitors through a wacky list of items to accomplish. Items range from philanthropy (donating items to shelters),…

Piranha Plants Never say “die”

Succulents are the Steven Seagals of the plant world: they are Hard to Kill. Even with my penchant to suck the life out of all plants within my realm, the piranha plants I made for my daughters’ birthday are thriving. In personal news, Happy 14th Anniversary to Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni. I made this cake…

Geekly Countdown: 10 Best Scenes From Alien

Today, April 26th is Alien Day. It’s a thing. Therefore this week’s geekly countdown highlights the best moments from the Alien movie franchise. This post contains spoilers from the Alien movie franchise. If you have not seen all these films, you may want to back away slowly. 10. Jones screaming at Alien. Who knew an…

Mary Poppins

Becoming Mary Poppins to volunteer at the children’s hospital was a dream come true.